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A Correction Officer under supervision during an assigned tour of duty within an adult county correctional facility, or institution, performs a wide variety of tasks in support of the safety, security and welfare of inmates, facility personnel and visitors; does other related duties as required.

Hudson County Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation is an equal opportunity employer.

Salary Compensation:

Correction Officer Salary after 5 yrs.- $60,000.00
Correction Officer Maximum Salary- $101,000.00


Benefits Offered:
  • 15 Paid Vacation Days
  • 15 Paid Sick Days
  • 3 Paid Personal Days
  • Vision Care Reimbursement
  • Health and Dental Benefits
  • Prescription Drug Plan
  • Police & Fire Pension System
  • Life Insurance
  • Deferred Compensation Plan
  • College Education Incentive (including earning an Associate’s Degree free of cost)

  • Must be fully vaccinated.
  • Education: High school diploma or its equivalent. Candidates must read and write English sufficiently to perform duties of the position;
  • Between 18-35 years of age;
  • Citizenship: Must be a citizen of the United States and a resident of the State of New Jersey. Additionally, institutions located in certain municipalities have residency requirements, which require candidates to provide proof of such residency beginning six months prior to the closing date of written examination for the position;
  • License: Candidates will be required to possess a valid New Jersey driver’s license.
  • Candidates for this position must be eligible to possess a firearm in accordance with State and Federal laws;
  • Background: Investigation of candidates’ employment history, driving history, domestic violence history, and criminal history are conducted; and
  • Medical: Candidates will be given a thorough medical and psychological examination. They must provide urine samples for analysis to determine drug use.
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