About the Adult Correctional Center


Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to serve, protect, and preserve life: a core function built on a foundation of safety, security, and rehabilitation.


Our vision is to change the perception of Corrections and to rebrand it as the component of the Criminal Justice System which reincorporates men and women as productive and self-sufficient members of society. We will provide education and training, as well as social structures and rehabilitation services, utilizing the latest technology in the corrections industry to undo the stressors, stigmas and hardships many in our community face. Success will be achieved through cooperation between our highly-trained, professional staff, community agencies, and the leading experts in the various relevant fields. We will continue to grow and pass this torch to our followers to become global leaders in Corrections.

Our Values

RESPECT— Acceptance, courtesy, professionalism, and collaboration

The rights and dignity of all persons are protected.
We promote mutual accountability between this agency and the public.
All contacts are conducted with courtesy and compassion.
We value and promote diversity at all levels.

OBLIGATION— Duty, commitment, responsibility

It is our duty to complete the task at hand in order to complete our mission.
Commitment to loyalty and allegiance to the department, county and the public: It is our responsibility to uphold the law.

LEADERSHIP— Management, guidance, control, direction

We will use the best management practices to show guidance and inspire others.

EXCELLENCE— Service, partnerships, workforce, ingenuity

We go above and beyond to create exceptional customer service.
Partnerships are encouraged and cultivated to enhance delivery of services.
Our continuous review and updating of policies, procedures and operations is standard.
Our use of technology and innovation are maximized for efficient and effective delivery of services.

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