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Hudson County’s history is as rich as the United States’ itself. From the earliest Dutch settlers of the late 1600’s to the millions of immigrants going through Ellis Island up until now, where we are one of the most culturally diverse places on Earth, Hudson County is a place like no other. The Office of Cultural & Heritage Affairs/Tourism Development strives to provide programs that celebrate and promote our incredible people and their histories.


  • Walking Tours – With our array of self-guided walking tours, you can explore Hudson County’s history, culture, and dining scenes straight from your smartphone. Our easy-to-follow walking route maps wind you through some of the best Hudson County sights, with interesting background, flashback photographs, and fun facts that showcase the region’s rich history.
    • Self Guided Walking Tours At Your Fingertips!

      Use your phone to explore the rich history of Hudson County.  We have 5 tours available, just click here to which neighborhoods are available.

      Using any smartphone, text the word “Hudson” to 56512 for a direct link to our self-guided historical walking tours.  Listen to or read the history of important sites around the County by visiting the sites in person or enjoying a history lesson from your own home. Current and historical pictures show how much things have changed or stayed the same.

      Text “Hudson” to 56512 Or Follow this link.

    • For more details visit
  • History Initiatives
    • We keep Hudson County’s rich and diverse history alive through educational experiences and monuments. Our county was the first stop for numerous immigrants who entered America through Ellis Island. It’s also where America’s favorite pastime—baseball—had its first recorded GAME. Here are some of the best ways to soak up Hudson County’s rich history.

       Get the latest scoop on Hudson County’s History over on the HC Sights & Bites blog!

  • Brennan court house tours
    • Built in 1910, the William J. Brennan Courthouse is the seat of Hudson County’s government. This courthouse went from grandiose to abandoned, before ultimately being saved from destruction and restored into the architectural wonder we know and love today. Stop by to see museum-quality murals by artists like Howard Pyle and Charles Yardley Turner, and enjoy the stunning marble workmanship this place is known for.

      You can visit the historic Brennan Courthouse for free; just contact Matt Caranante at or 201-459-2070 ext. 6419.

      The building is open to the public

      Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.
      William J. Brennan Court House
      583 Newark Ave.
      Jersey City, NJ 07306

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