This page provides updates on Hudson County Government’s response to the Covid-19 virus, popularly known as “Coronavirus.” Covid-19 has been officially declared a pandemic virus by the World Health Organization.

Here you will learn the impact of COVID-19 on County Government’s chief functions: courts, corrections, delivery of welfare services, senior services, senior and disabled mobility (TRANSCEND), mental health services and the Meadowview Psychiatric Center, public health education and coordination, county parks, the county community college, county schools of technology, county roads, infrastructure (ex: the 14th Street Viaduct or Kennedy Blvd)  and County government buildings and significant county government personnel decisions.

To see daily updates regarding COVID-19 new cases, deaths and distribution by county in New Jersey: click here

Hudson County Government news updates, news articles of interest, photos. videos and audio podcasts are distributed on these social media platforms:

At-Home COVID Testing

LabCorp now provides an at-home COVID-19 test option. For more information click here.

NJ Courts

For COVID-19 updates for the Courts click here. See a message from HC Assignment Judge Peter Bariso here

Hudson County Regional Health Commission

The Hudson County Regional Health Commission (HRHC) carries out public health education and interagency coordination for Hudson County. They provide a host of valuable information about the Covid-19 virus and ways you can assist in the effort to “flatten the curve” of Covid-19 transmission that will save lives. 


HRHC Website :

HCRC Twitter Feed :

Information about Home-Proofing for seniors specific to COVID-19 and the Flu can be found here.

County Register

For COVID-19 updates from the County Register click here.

County Surrogate

For COVID-19 updates from the County Surrogate click here.

Hudson County Community College

For COVID-19 updates from the Community College click here.

Hudson County Schools of Technology

For COVID-19 updates from the Schools of Technology click here.

NJ Health

 For COVID-19 Activity Level Index Weekly Reports click here. For Influenza-like Illness Weekly Reports click here

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