Executive Departments

County Administrator’s Office

County Administrator: Abraham Antun

The Office of the County Administrator administers the day-to-day operations of County government.

The County Administrator, as the chief administrative officer of the County, is appointed by the County Executive with the advice and consent of the Board of County Commissioners, and is responsible for the orderly and efficient administration of County operations, under the direction of the County Executive.  Responsibilities include directing and supervising eight operating departments, monitoring the institutional responsibilities of the County (correctional center, psychiatric hospital), and supervising the formulation of annual operating and capital budgets.

Additional responsibilities include coordinating the operations and relations of the statutory offices of the County Clerk, County Register, County Surrogate, and County Sheriff as well as the County Prosecutor’s Office.  The County Administrator also serves as the primary administrative liaison between County government and the elected Board of County Commissioners.

Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation Center

Acting Director: Oscar Aviles

The Department is committed to expanding the notion of corrections beyond simple incarceration to include education, community outreach, at-home confinement, work-release, adequate support and counseling. Our aim is to more effectively address the substantial underlying problems that lead to recidivism – chronic unemployment, drug addiction, and lack of healthcare access to deal with issues like mental illness and other chronic health issues. In pursuing this goal, I have come to a greater appreciation for the relative proximity of our Department to the larger community, even though the majority of our community will never even know that our jail exists. To that end, we assist those who have been committed to our care by putting them on the path to success in a way that meets their individual needs. Despite the multitude of obstacles and barriers that one may face upon release – our goal is to equip those who exit our institution with life & job skills – along with the confidence they need -to succeed and lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Department of Family Services

Director: Robert Martinovich 

The mission of the Department of Family Services (DFS) is to provide and deliver services to the Hudson County Community at large. These services are economic assistance, health coverage through Medicaid, Food Stamps (SNAP), Emergency Assistance (EA), and Temporary Rental Assistance (TRA).

Department of Finance & Administration

Director: Cheryl Fuller
The Department of Finance and Administration assists the County Executive in the orderly and efficient administration of the fiscal affairs of the County, assist the departments and other budgeted agencies in the evaluation and selection of federal, regional and state aid programs of interest to the County and expedite the requisite applications, develop and maintain management information systems & technology which keep the County Executive informed of trends and progress in the County government.

Department of Health & Human Services

Director: Darice Toon

The Department of Health and Human Services helps to ensure a coordinated and cohesive system of human services designed to improve the health and welfare of Hudson County residents, which include developing and implementing strategic approaches to identified human service needs, administering and providing oversight for federal, state and local funding, ongoing monitoring and assessment of human services delivery and needs in the County, and operation of the County Psychiatric Hospital.

Department of Housing & Community Reintegration

Director: Frank Mazza

The Department of Housing and Community Reintegration was formed in 2020 signifying the County of Hudson’s commitment to ensuring all residents have access to resources and services needed to be stably housed. Combining all local, state and Federal grants and programs aimed at housing into one Department will ensure that all resources and services will be used in a coordinated manner. The intention is to take what is a disjointed service and housing delivery model and make it accountable to one point. The Department oversees all county housing and homeless programs, provides One-Stop and Workfirst New Jersey Employment and Training programs, has connections to legal assistance for renters, operates the County Reentry Program, and is partnered with Medicaid and the network of primary care providers to make certain mental health, physical health and medication is provided with the highest level of care. The Department will employ a network of intensive case managers to coordinate and hold accountable the various systems of care. 

Law Department

County Counsel/Director, Law Department: Donato Battista

The Law Department serves as chief legal advisor of the County government and the attorney of record in all civil proceedings, and advises the County Executive and all officers, departments, boards, commissions and employees, when requested to do so, with respect to their official responsibilities.

Department of Planning & Business Opportunity

Director: ShaRhonda Walker

The Department of Planning and Business Opportunity is responsible for the management and operation of the Division of Planning, the Office of Business Opportunity, and the Office of Digital Information. The Director also makes recommendations to the County Administrator’s office regarding policies, capital budget expenditures, department projects, and all functions of the Department’s divisions and offices.

Department of Parks

Director: Russell Fallacara

The Hudson County Department of Parks oversees, maintains and regularly improves our outstanding County Park System. The system encompasses over 600 total acres of active and passive recreation space. 

Department of Roads & Public Property

Director: Denise D’Alessandro

The Hudson County Department of Roads and Public Property maintains public infrastructure and is responsible for operating, repairing, and maintaining all County-owned buildings, roads, and drainage. The Department also manages all County Right-of-Ways, traffic signals and traffic signs. The services and programs carried out by the Department ensure safe passage of both motorists and pedestrians while using County roads. In addition, the department provides for the storage, servicing, and control of the use of all County-owned vehicles and motorized equipment. The Department also oversees the Division of Engineering to include professional engineering services such as design, construction, construction inspection and an inventory of County Roads and Bridges. In addition, the Department includes the Office of Emergency Management, where the primary objective is to maintain the highest possible level of preparedness to protect the lives and property of the residents in Hudson County.


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