Department of Parks

Russell Fallacara

Director, Department of Parks

Phone: 201- 915-1388
The Department of Parks is responsible for the operation of 733 acres of parkland in Hudson County. The operation consists of the maintenance of all Parks amenities which include promenades, fishing piers, boat launches, playgrounds, athletic fields, dog runs, handball courts, tennis courts, workout stations, water bodies, water features, bike paths and nature trails. Maintenance also includes the Parks buildings, structures and grounds as well as providing seasonal maintenance such as snow and leaf removal along with the eradication of invasive plant species and harmful pests. The department oversees cultivating and caring of vegetative plant material throughout the Parks system as well as installing native tree species to replace the dead and dying. The County Parks and Recreation department coordinates the scheduling of sports activities and recreational events. This responsibility involves sponsoring and executing Summer Tennis Programs in several parks along with other sports clinics, programs and leagues events. The Department is also involved with various improvements which include site development, renovations, utility and drainage improvements.


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Parks Divisions
Construction Division
The Construction Division has plumbers, electricians and masons on staff. Their responsibilities are to provide repairs and improvements to the nine County Parks. They are skilled with various tools, equipment and machinery. Their responsibilities also include snow removal and support to Park supervisors with construction related tasks.
Forestry Division
The Forestry Division has skilled tree cutters on staff. Their responsibilities are to remove dead and dying trees within the nine County Parks as well as tree installation. They are skilled with various tools, equipment and machinery related to tree removal and installation. Their responsibilities also include tree removal and installation along all the County roads.
Landscape Division
The Landscape Division is responsible for plant installation and maintenance of planting beds, urns, boarders and foundations. The division orders and maintains plant material from outside venders as well as overseeing the departments state-of-the-art greenhouse where annuals are cultivated each season.
Machine Shop Division
The Machine Shop’s responsibility is to maintain all the equipment in the Parks system which includes vehicles, mowers, blowers, weed whackers, handheld tools and various construction equipment to sustain the functionality of the Parks. The Division is also in charge of ordering parts used to service and maintain the equipment as well as ordering new equipment.

Divisions and Offices

Division of Parks

Division of Parks acquires, maintains, operates and develops, within the limits of available appropriations, public parks, playgrounds and recreation places within the County, including any such parks as may be voluntarily transferred from municipal control to the County.

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