Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: What time are park playgrounds opened until?

A: 8 a.m to 8 p.m

Q: How can I make reservations for tennis?

A: Reservations for Tennis courts are managed by the Hudson County Improvement Authority 

  • For JJ Braddock Park – please call: 201-978-1765
  • For Lincoln Park – please call: 201-362-8483

Q: For events, when is a permit required?

A: Permit is required for large events (usually those with more than 50 attendees). More information can be found here: Permits and Applications

Q: Do you allow wedding ceremonies in the park?

A: No

Q: Are there public grills in our parks?

A: Only Mercer Park has public grills.

Q: Where can I apply to grill in the park?

A: Please click here for the Fire Safety application to grill in the park.

Q: Where can I find more information about the boat launch ramp at Laurel Hill?

A: Click here to view the Boat Ramp Rules.

Q: How can I find the nearest County Park and directions?

A: To find your nearest park click here.

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