Hudson County Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC)

Human Services Advisory Councils (HSAC) are funded by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families and are county-based planning, advisory, and coordinating organizations dedicated to helping the community meet its human services needs. HSAC seeks to facilitate, and enhance the delivery of human services through collaborative relationships across the county, and between the counties and State agencies. County Human Services Advisory Councils are appointed by the government of each county to review county-level human service activities and to serve as the primary vehicle for making local recommendations to assist both county government, the Department of Children and Families and the New Jersey Department of Human Services. HSACs are responsible for conducting a bi-annual needs assessment of local service assets, needs and barriers. Hudson County’s 2020 Needs Assessment can be accessed here: Hudson County Needs Assessment Report 2020.

Current Hudson County HSAC Subcommittees include:

The Hudson County Food Security Task Force: Initiated in early 2021, the goal of the Task Force is to develop, and implement, a sustainable plan for Hudson County that helps to assure that the long term food needs of residents are met.  The Taskforce has currently completed an assessment of existing resources. The next steps for the Task force will be to develop a Plan based upon assessment activities and to implement recommendations presented in the Plan.

The Hudson County Food and Shelter Coalition: A grassroots group comprised of advocates, service providers, government workers, and community members that come together for mutual support, self-education and education of the community at all levels from the local to the national, and to ensure that those we serve receive what they need to survive and thrive. Our ultimate goal is to end hunger and homelessness in our community.

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