Department of Housing and Community Reintegration

Frank Mazza

Frank Mazza

Director, Department of Housing and Community Reintegration

Phone: 201-420-3000 ext. 2050
The Department of Housing and Community Reintegration was formed in 2020 signifying the County of Hudson’s commitment to ensuring all residents have access to resources and services needed to stablely housed. Combining all local, state and Federal grants and programs aimed at housing into one Department will ensure that all resources and services will be used in a coordinated manner. The intention is to take what is a disjointed service and housing delivery model and make it accountable to one point. The Department oversees all county housing and homeless programs, provides One-Stop and Workfirst New Jersey Employment and Training programs, has connections to legal assistance for renters, operates the County Reentry Program, and is partnered with Medicaid and the network of primary care providers to make certain mental health, physical health and medication is provided with the highest level of care. The Department will employee a network of intensive case managers to coordinate and hold accountable the various systems of care. 

To view FAQ’s for the Department of Housing and Community Reintegration click here.

Divisions and Offices

Division of Housing and Community Development

The Hudson County Division of Housing and Community Development works to end homelessness and promote the development of affordable housing and sound community development activities in Hudson County with the use of federal and local resources.

Division of Community Reintegration

The Hudson County Division of Reintegration targets chronic jail populations or the individuals referred to as “frequent flyers” for rehabilitation because of the regularity with which they cycle through corrections and the judiciary, typically due to untreated mental illness or substance abuse disorders. 

Office of Social Services

The Hudson County Office of Social Services works to provide direct assistance to individuals and families experiencing homelessness or at risk of losing their housing. While the bulk of the office’s funding is received through state welfare programs, the office also receives other funding from sources to provide direct benefits to households in need and not eligible for public assistance.

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