Hudson County Homelessness Trust Fund (HCHTF)

New Jersey P.L. 2009, c.123 and P.L. 2019, c.53 permits each County in New Jersey to establish a County Homeless Trust Fund to be utilized to address the needs of homeless persons and to support Code Blue efforts within each County. On January 29, 2010 the Hudson County Commissioners voted, by resolution to establish the trust fund entitled “The Hudson County Homelessness Trust Fund” and again voted by resolution on March 28, 2019 to increase the trust fund to include the Code Blue allowance. The Trust Fund is funded through a surcharge of $5.00 imposed on each document recorded with Hudson County.

Funds collected through the Trust Fund are distributed through a Request for Proposals and approved, by resolution by the County Commissioners. Below are the current HCHTF by laws as well as a current list of projects funded in Hudson County out of the Hudson County Homelessness Trust Fund.

For questions regarding the Hudson County Homelessness Trust Fund, you can reach out to Naomi Lesnewski at or 201-369-4520.

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