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Office of Social Services


Q: Why do I need an eviction notice to get assistance?

A: Our housing assistance programs are geared towards those experiencing a housing emergency. An eviction notice is proof you are experiencing a housing emergency. 

Q: Why do I need to be on TANF to get assistance?

A: Emergency Assistance (EA) is only for those receiving TANF, GA, SSI (Welfare cash assistance).

Q: I have SSI, why do I need to apply for TANF too?

A: To be eligible, the household must apply for all benefits the household is eligible for.

Q: Do I need to go to a shelter?

A: If you are homeless, you will be referred to a shelter so that you nor your family is without immediate shelter. Your social worker will advise of next steps once you are placed.

Q: Can I go to motel?

A: Motels are used as a last resort when no shelter is available to accommodate the household.

Q: Do my children need to go to the shelter with me?

A: Yes, all household members must report to the shelter.

Q: Can my significant other come to the shelter with me?

A: All household members are placed together if they are all eligible in the same case.

Q: How much will the voucher be for my TRA apt?

A: Fair market rent is utilized depending on household size and number of bedrooms in apartment.

Q: I’m still looking for an apartment, can I apply for a security deposit?

A: You can apply at any time for the assistance you need. You are given 30 days to provide us with the needed documentation.

Q: I have nowhere to go tonight can I apply?

A: Yes, you can apply for assistance at any time. Please complete the application on this page. If you are homeless after the hours of 4:30pm weekdays, on weekends or holidays, please call the State’s homeless hotline at 211. 

Please submit any additional questions to us at 

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