Our office will be open for all housing-related matters to the public starting Monday, May 23rd from the hours of 9 am to 3 pm. Please make sure to wear a mask during your visit.

About the Office of Social Services 

The Hudson County Office of Social Services works to provide direct assistance to individuals and families experiencing homelessness or at risk of losing their housing. While the bulk of the office’s funding is received through state welfare programs, the office also receives other funding from sources to provide direct benefits to households in need and not eligible for public assistance.

Social Services oversee Emergency Assistance (EA) to persons who are eligible for General Assistance (GA), Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), in the form of Temporary Rental Assistance (TRA), Security Deposit, back rent, and shelter placements.

Aside from granting EA benefits the Social Services offices employs a large number of Social Workers and Social Work Supervisors to engage and provide ongoing case management to the population receiving EA benefits, and any other benefit issued through the office of Social Services. The intention of case management is to assist the population in attaining long term housing stability. Social Workers assess client housing applications across various networks and determine the most appropriate source of housing dollars based on individual need. Social Services staff link clients to the needed benefits and then case manage them through the process of achieving prolonged stability.

The Social Services office receives referrals for persons with addictions and/or mental health issues from internal staff, all offices of welfare as well as outside agencies. Social Services staff assess level of need and work with the State Substance Abuse Initiative and Behavioral Health Initiative (SAI/BHI) unit to ensure clinical care is provided. (SAI/BHI) is a WFNJ Initiative specialized unit of welfare for persons with addictions and/or mental health issues, persons referred to this unit have their welfare requirements tailored to meet clinical needs to eliminate barriers to employment and training. 

The Social Services office will oversee 2 specialized units of the County Workfirst New Jersey (WFNJ) program. WFNJ is an employment and training service provided through a network of vendors offering educational, vocational and job search programming in an in-demand employment field as defined by the State of New Jerseys Department of Labor. The specialized units of WFNJ operating under the Social Services office will target the GA, TANF and SNAP population who have historically been non-complaint with WFNJ requirements. In addition the WFNJ units outreach the employment field and work with businesses within the training fields offered to create consistent employment opportunities.

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