Our office will be open for all housing-related matters to the public starting Monday, May 23rd from the hours of 9 am to 3 pm. Please make sure to wear a mask during your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an eviction notice to get assistance?

Our housing assistance programs are geared towards those experiencing a housing emergency. An eviction notice is proof you are experiencing a housing emergency. 

Why do I need to be on TANF to get assistance?

Emergency Assistance (EA) is only for those receiving TANF, GA, SSI (Welfare cash assistance).

I have SSI, why do I need to apply for TANF too?

To be eligible, the household must apply for all benefits the household is eligible for.

Do I need to go to a shelter?

If you are homeless, you will be referred to a shelter so that you nor your family is without immediate shelter. Your social worker will advise of next steps once you are placed. 

Can I go to motel?

Motels are used as a last resort when no shelter is available to accommodate the household.

Do my children need to go to the shelter with me?

Yes, all household members must report to the shelter.

Can my significant other come to the shelter with me?

All household members are placed together if they are all eligible in the same case.

How much will the voucher be for my TRA apt?

Fair market rent is utilized depending on household size and number of bedrooms in apartment.

I’m still looking for an apartment, can I apply for a security deposit?

You can apply at any time for the assistance you need. You are given 30 days to provide us with the needed documentation.

I have no where to go tonight can I apply?

Yes, you can apply for assistance at any time. Please complete the application on this page. If you are homeless after the hours of 4:30pm weekdays, on weekends or holidays, please call the State’s homeless hotline at 211. 

Please submit any additional questions to us at emergencyassistance@hcdfs.us 

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