Department of Law

Donato Battista

Donato Battista

County Counsel/Director, Law Department

Phone: 201-795-6250
The Department of Law is headed by the County Counsel, a position created by State Statute and appointed by the County Executive. The County Counsel is the Chief Legal Advisor for the County and the attorney of record for all civil court proceedings involving the County. The Department of Law also advises every other Department and creates or reviews all documents of legal nature prior to execution by the County Executive or appropriate County officials. The County Counsel also coordinates the activity of any independent legal counsel retained by the County in areas including tort defense, general liability, labor, and bonding. The legal activities related to Welfare and Child Support are also under the supervision of the County Counsel.

Open Public Records Act (OPRA)

To submit an OPRA request please click on the following link and follow the directions: Public Records Center

Notice of Tort Claim Form

To file a claim for damages against the County of Hudson click here

Pay to Play Disclosure Forms

For non-fair and open contracts

Business Entity Disclosure

For all contracts in excess of $17,500 that are not awarded pursuant to a “fair and open” process.

Political Contribution Disclosure Form

Consumer Protection Complaint Form

File a complaint against a store or business.

 Click here to view/download the Hudson County Division of Consumer Protection Complaint Form. 

You may print this form and fill it out to turn it into HCDCP investigators. 

Divisions and Offices

Office of Consumer Protection

Within the Department of Law is the Division of Consumer Protection. That office ensures the fair and equitable treatment of the consumer in practices relating to the acquisition of goods and services. The office is committed to protecting the public against those who take advantage of our citizens. The office also refers illegal conduct to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.  It is the County agency that speaks for the interests of our County’s consumers. The office also addresses general constituent issues that arise from time to time.

Office of Risk Management

The County Counsel also administers the Office of Risk Management and provides legal guidance to the Insurance Fund Commission. Risk Management identifies and abates County exposure in various areas including Tort Liability, Worker’s Compensation. The Insurance Fund Commission is the statutory vehicle through which the County manages financial issues associated with risk management and general liability.

Public Safety Training Center

The Hudson County Public Safety Training Center (the “Center”) is located in Secaucus, at the County’s former juvenile detention site. The Center serves as an in-county training option for municipal police, sheriff’s officers, corrections officers, and prosecutor’s office personnel. In addition, the Center also serves as an out-of-county training option for law enforcement agencies throughout the State of New Jersey.

Compliance Office

In addition, the Department of Law through its Compliance Office monitors compliance with affirmative action guidelines that must be followed by all construction contractors and vendors who are subject to the State Prevailing Wage Law as well as compliance with the County Living Wage Ordinance and First Source regulations.

County Adjuster

Within the Department of Law is the County Adjuster, who is responsible for the commitment, care and cost monitoring and collection for services rendered to the hospitalized mentally ill, for which the County may be responsible. The County Counsel provides administrative support for this office, and in the event of a vacancy in the position, shall serve temporarily as County Adjuster.

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