ShaRhonda Walker

Director, Department of Planning and Business Opportunity

201-369-4300 ext. 4125
The Office of the Director of the Department of Planning and Business Opportunity is responsible for the management and operation of the Division of Planning, the Office of Business Opportunity, and the Office of Digital Information. The Director also makes recommendations to the County Administrator’s office regarding policies, capital budget expenditures, department projects, and all functions of the Department’s divisions and offices.

Divisions and Offices

Division of Planning

Division of Planning engages in activities and assists in the administration of the Hudson County Open Space, Recreation and Historic Preservation Trust Fund according to the duly adopted Program Statement and Policies and Procedures thereof which may be from time to time amended.

Office of Digital Information

The Office of Digital Information provides cartographic services available to the public, municipalities and County employees. The Office also maintains all content on the Hudson County website, integrates social media platforms and third-party modules into the website along with providing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support throughout the County.

Office of Business Opportunity

The Office of Business Opportunity and Community Services, assists and facilitates the implementation of plans which will foster meaningful participation by Minority, Women, Veteran, Disadvantaged, and Small Businesses respectively.

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