For Applicants

Eligible Projects under the County’s Open Space Trust Fund:

  • Acquisition of land for conservation and recreation purposes. Property must be clean and the County must be placed on the Deed.
  • Development and redevelopment of land existing or acquired for recreational and/or conservation purposes.
  • Preservation of historic properties, including the acquisition of such properties for historic purposes, rehabilitation/restoration plans and capital projects.


Who’s Eligible?

  • The County of Hudson;
  • All Hudson County government agencies and its affiliates;
  • Any of the twelve (12) municipalities in the County of Hudson; and
  • Local entities, non-profit corporations, and qualified charitable conservancies located within the County of Hudson that have received tax exemptions under section 501(c)3 of the 1954 Internal Revenue Code. Local entities are required to partner with the local municipality where the project is located.
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