Open Space, Recreation and Historic Preservation


“Hudson County is surrounded by three magnificent rivers, full of a diversity of cultures and incomes, and endowed with over 400 years of history.” – Thomas DeGise, County Executive.

The Division of Planning plays an instrumental role in the way residents and visitors interact with open space. Throughout the County, there are parks large and small that cater to the needs of neighborhoods and the region and act as passive places to benefit from nature and as active places for recreation.


The County is required to prepare a ROSI as a condition of applying for and receiving Green Acres funding. The ROSI lists all Green Acres-funded properties as well as all other lands held for conservation and/or recreation purposes. Lands listed on a ROSI include those owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the County and may include land owned in fee, land leased by the County for recreation purposes, land owned by a private entity upon which the County holds a conservation easement, or any land in which the County holds a specific recreation and/or conservation interest.


The County’s Urban Forestry Initiative has a mission to promote a progressive community forest and shade tree plan that fosters the sustainable development and maintenance of Hudson County’s urban forest resources, which will benefit the environment, improve human health and psychological well being, provide economic advantages, minimize County liability and the enhancement the overall quality of life for residents, workers, visitors, pedestrians and motorists alike.

Open Space Trust Fund Advisory Board

The Trust Fund Advisory Board consists of nine (9) members appointed by the County Executive with the advice and consent of the Board of County Commissioners, who participate in the approval process by reviewing, prioritizing and recommending projects for funding. Advisory Board members are representatives of county government, conservation, environmental protection, historic preservation, recreation, and business communities.

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