Department of Roads and Public Property

Denise D'Alessandro

Denise D'Alessandro

Director, Department of Roads and Public Property

Phone: 201-369-2777
The Hudson County Department of Roads and Public Property maintains public infrastructure and is responsible for operating, repairing, and maintaining all County-owned buildings, roads, and drainage. The Department also manages all County Right-of-Ways, traffic signals and traffic signs. The services and programs carried out by the Department ensure safe passage of both motorists and pedestrians while using County roads. In addition, the department provides for the storage, servicing, and control of the use of all County-owned vehicles and motorized equipment. The Department also oversees the Division of Engineering to include professional engineering services such as design, construction, construction inspection and an inventory of County Roads and Bridges. In addition, the Department includes the Office of Emergency Management, where the primary objective is to maintain the highest possible level of preparedness to protect the lives and property of the residents in Hudson County.

To Report a Pothole on a County Road please fill out the following form: Pothole Report Form

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Divisions and Offices

Division of Engineering

The Division of Engineering is a Division of the Department of Roads and Public Property. The Division is responsible for providing technical reviews and services affecting 61 miles of roadways, 330 signalized intersections, 736 acres in 9 County Parks, 30 bridges and viaducts, 3 Hudson/Essex joint bridges, 4 pedestrian bridges, the Correctional Center, USS Juneau Memorial Center, Meadowview Psychiatric Hospital, Public Safety Training Center, the Administration and Courthouse complex, Hudson County Plaza, Bergen Square Center and various other structures.

Office of Emergency Management

The mission of the Hudson County Office of Emergency Management is to maintain the highest possible level of preparedness to protect the lives and property of the Hudson County citizen before, during and after a natural or man made disaster. The Hudson County Office of Emergency Management works with all emergency responders, public and private agencies, business communities, the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), the Regional Catastrophic Planning Group (RCPG) and volunteer organizations to meet this mission.

Division of County Roads and Bridges

The Division of Roads and Bridges maintains, repairs, constructs and reconstructs County bridges, and maintains County roads in a clean and safe condition for passage, properly lighted as authorized pursuant to law, free of obstructions.

Division of Buildings and Grounds

The Division of Buildings and Grounds, provide for the care, maintenance and repair of all County buildings, facilities and properties, other than roads and bridges. They operate, maintain and repair public parking areas and facilities acquired by the County pursuant to law. The Division maintains and operates the Meadowview Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Division of Central Services

The Division of Central Services provides a central pool of typists, stenographers and other clerical help to designated departments as the need arises; an internal central mail and document delivery service; printing and duplication of forms, reports and other services as the several departments of government may require; telephone and telephone operator services; gathering, security, recording and retention of such documents as are required by law to be maintained; such office supplies as are required by the departments, divisions and offices; implement and maintain a program for conversion of all County records to an electronic storage system; and are responsible for central record storage.

Central Services : 201-369-3405 ext. 3406

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