Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) Program


JFK Boulevard Traffic Signal Optimization- St. Paul’s Avenue – Clinton Avenue

JFK Boulevard Traffic Signal Optimization- Armstrong Avenue – Clinton Avenue (Part B) – County of Hudson ($240,000)

One of Hudson County’s goals is to optimize County-owned traffic signals with ITS technology. Hudson County was recently awarded funds from a NJTPA’s Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant for signal optimization on JFK Blvd. between Clinton Avenue and Armstrong Avenue in Jersey City, NJ -obligate three (3) miles of its roadway to optimize traffic signals. The benefits would include reductions in air pollutants and reduced congestion spanning from Journal Square towards the Jersey City/City of Bayonne border.

By programming each signal with a predetermined timing offset, a ‘green wave’ can be achieved, allowing motorists to progress along the corridor at the desired speed. This technique can also be used to prioritize bicycles and pedestrians by changing the offset to align with typical cycling and walking speeds. Synchronizing signals can be most effective when combined with advisory signage that tells drivers what speed the signals are set for.

Hudson County’s ITS proposal compliments multiple regional and statewide planning initiatives. There are many ongoing discussions with regional and national stakeholders to minimize safety and environmental risks exacerbated along high-traffic corridors of Jersey City catalyzed by congestion overflowing from state roads and interstate highways.

Click Here to view/download: Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Program

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