Local Safety Projects – Hudson County 2018


Hudson County received a $3,539,700 grant for this project through the NJTPA’s FY 2017-2018 Local Safety Program (LSP). The grant includes funding for design, construction and construction inspection services. The project will improve safety and overall operations at 34 intersections along three corridors.

Click here to view/download: Hudson County 2018 – Local Safety Projects

Project Details: Improvements will include: traffic signal upgrades at 30 intersections along a 3-mile stretch of John F. Kennedy Boulevard East from Hoboken through North Bergen, on Park Avenue at 15th and 19th streets in Hoboken and on John F. Kennedy Boulevard at Oxford and Linden Avenues in Jersey City; pedestrian refuge islands at Park Avenue and 19th Street, and at JFK Blvd. East and 74th Street; a mid-block crosswalk on John F. Kennedy Boulevard East between Highwood Terrace and Parkview Avenue and curb extensions at those two intersections and at Bull’s Ferry Road.

About the Project: Area John F. Kennedy Boulevard is ranked first in the region on the NJTPA’s list of high-crash corridors. Park Avenue becomes John F. Kennedy Boulevard East where it connects to the Lincoln Tunnel Helix. All three corridors have high traffic volumes and significant pedestrian activity. These corridors traverse neighborhoods that are a mix of residential and commercial properties.

Local Safety Program: The LSP specializes in cost-effective solutions that can make an immediate impact on their target areas. The LSP is federally funded, utilizing Highway Safety Improvement Program funds. It was established by the NJTPA in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration and New Jersey Department of Transportation to advance safety initiatives on county and local roads. For more information, visit www.njtpa.org/LocalSafety.

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