Contracts to Vendors under WorkFirst NJ Programs

WorkFirst New Jersey is the State of New Jersey’s welfare reform program. Through job training, education, and work activities, the State seeks to help people secure employment, become self-sufficient, and get off welfare. The WorkFirst New Jersey program consists of two parts. The first part, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), provides temporary cash assistance and other support services. The second part, General Assistance (GA), provides cash benefits and support services to individuals and couples with no dependent children. Services under WorkFirst New Jersey are limited to five years. Under the supervision of the New Jersey Division of Family Development, the Hudson County Department of Family Services and local welfare agencies administer the WorkFirst New Jersey program in Hudson County. Contracts entered into between the Hudson County Board of County Commissioners and local agencies (vendors, providers) to carry out the WorkFirst New Jersey program can be found here.