Our office will be open for all housing-related matters to the public starting Monday, May 23rd from the hours of 9 am to 3 pm. Please make sure to wear a mask during your visit.

Determining Eligibility

  • The agency shall evaluate all potential contributions of support to the household including income received by ineligible household members
  • Households requesting EA shall complete an EA application
  • All factors leading up to the circumstance (one year up to date of emergency) will be discussed during the initial interview
  • The agency shall provide the household with a 30 day notice to bring back any documents to demonstrate their emergency
  • The agency is responsible to verify all documents received from the household
  • The determination shall be made timely to avoid eviction and prevent homelessness
  • For households that are currently homeless, immediate need shall be offered (temporarily until a determination is made) and the household shall be placed in the most appropriate form of emergency housing which is required to meet the family’s need
Examples of documents needed to determine eligibility
  • Eviction/ foreclosure or ejectment notice, court resolution, lock out notice
  • PSEG shut off notice
  • Letter from employer indicating reason for separation
  • School/ Dr. letter verifying children’s address
  • Lease
  • Unemployment determination
  • SSI award letter
  • Fire, flood, FEMA, Red Cross report
  • EA application
  • Letter from lease holder (tenant of record) as to the living arrangements indicating why the family cannot reside there, for how long they have resided there, if they paid any rent and when they must vacate
  • DCPP letter indicating reason for referral or explaining family circumstance
  • Child support/ alimony or any other payment of support issued to the family
  • Transitional housing/ shelter termination letter
  • Bank statements, Tax returns, paystubs
  • Unreimbursed medical expenses
  • Risk Assessment
  • Etc., other documents depending on circumstance
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