Programs and Services

Project SEARCH

The Hudson County Office of Inclusion and Accessibility is the coordinating agency for the Hudson County Project SEARCH program. Project SEARCH is a one-year, business-led, unpaid internship program for students with disabilities in their last year of high school (ages 17-21) and young adults (21 -30) that takes place entirely at a host business site. The combination of instruction and immersion in the workplace prepares young adults with disabilities to make successful transitions from school to productive adult life.

Roam and Detect (RAD) Program

The Roam and Detect (RAD) Program, formerly known as the Wanderer Safety Program, provides a GPS/voice monitoring device to adults with Alzheimer’s or Dementia or children with autism or other related conditions or disorders. It offers parents, guardians and caregivers peace of mind through continuous monitoring and notifications on the location of their loved one.

Recreational Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities

Through Recreational Opportunities of Individuals with Disabilities (ROID) funding, the Office of Inclusion and Accessibility administers the Hudson County Holistic Immersion Program (HC HIP) HC HIP is a visual arts and creative movement recreational program for Hudson County residents ages ten (10) and older. The target population consist of persons with and without disabilities. Individuals will participate in a series of classes where they will explore different forms of art media (i.e, ceramics, canvas, clay, etc.), creative movement (i.e., yoga and dance), learn traditional and adaptive karate techniques and attend an educational field trip. Individuals with disabilities will also have the opportunity to have a caregiver or parent work collectively on their projects.

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