Things To Remember

Patient and Family Handbook Upon admission all patients receive a copy of the Patient and Family Handbook, which outlines what they can expect during their stay in the Hospital.  Families and other individuals involved in the patient’s care also receive a copy of this handbook since it contains information relevant to them as well.

Smoke Free Facility Effective May 1, 2007 Hudson County Meadowview Psychiatric Hospital is a smoke free facility.  Patients who smoke and would like help quitting can receive assistance from their treatment team.

Day and Brief Visit Passes:  As part of the discharge planning process and as deemed appropriate by the treatment team, patients may be allowed to leave the Hospital for a day pass or overnight brief visit.  These visits allow the patients to maintain contact with their family or significant others, while allowing for an assessment of the readiness of all parties for discharge.

Opportunities for Physical Activity:  The Hospital has regularly scheduled exercise activities on the units.  There is also a gym with equipment for group and individual sessions for patients as approved by their psychiatrist and medical doctor.  Additionally, several other indoor and out door social, recreational and physical fitness activities are offered on daily basis.

Personal Belongings: The Hospital provides a locked storage area for valuables if necessary.

Outside Food In general patients may not have food from outside the Hospital.  However, if approved by the treatment team, one day each weekend visitors may bring food to their hospitalized family member.

Cultural Diversity Meadowview Psychiatric Hospital serves a culturally diverse patient population.  Therefore, to best serve our patients the Hospital’s staff is also culturally diverse, reflecting the languages, cultures, nationalities, and religions of our patients.

Family Education and Support   In addition to planned family meetings, every second Wednesday of each month, the clinical staff is available from 6:00PM to 8:00PM to meet with the families and provide  education to help them understand their family members mental illness, coping mechanisms and benefit options and the like.

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