Contact Information

Main Number
30-35 South Hackensack Ave.
Kearny, NJ 07032-4690

Additional Contact Instructions

Press “1” then the extension you need

Central Control ext. 5323

Visitation ext. 5039

Record Room ext. 5082, 5083, 5084

Commissary ext. 5035

Social Services ext. 5314

Medical Dept. ext. 5058, 5059

Work Release ext. 5199

Integrity House ext. 5142

Additional Services

Social Services Department (x5314)-
The Social Services Department interviews, counsels, and investigates residents’ needs and complaints in order to recommend and guide them towards a logical resolution.

Education Department (x5038)-
The Education Department provides multilevel instruction in preparing students for the High School Equivalency Exam by improving their knowledge and skills via TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion), the NJ Board Certified Academic Program. Courses are offered in both English and Spanish.

Religious Services Department (x5087)-
The Religious Services Department maintains religious activities, programs and services developed to meet the spiritual needs of correction center residents. This multi-denominational institution offers counsel in a variety of languages.

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