Open HCOSRHP Trust Fund

On June 26, 2003, the Hudson County Executive requested, and the Hudson County Board of County Commissioners approved, a resolution authorizing the placement of a public question (referendum) on the general election ballot for the establishment of a County Open Space, Recreation, & Historic Preservation Trust Fund. This was sanctioned under the enabling legislation of the NJ Open Space Act (NJSA 40:12), which allows a municipal tax levy for the purposes of acquisition and development of open space, historic preservation, and park improvements. On November 4, 2003, the ballot question was approved by a two-to-one majority of County voter participants.

The Board of County Commissioners, by resolution dated December 23, 2003, voted to establish the Hudson County Open Space, Recreation & Historic Trust Fund. The Trust Fund, funded through a property tax, is dedicated to acquire land for conservation, open space purposes, recreation facility enhancements, and historic preservation.

Entrusted by the Board of County Commissioners, the Hudson County Open Space Trust Fund Advisory Board has the duty to review, prioritize and recommend projects for open space, recreation and historic preservation funding that meet the goals and objectives outlined in the Hudson County Open Space & Recreation Plan.

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